Wilson Staff D9 Eisen

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Wilson Staff D9 Eisensatz für Damen oder Herren.

  • Graphite Regular TENSAI AV Series Schaft – 7 Eisen: 5-PW, SW
  • Graphite A- Flex TENSAI AV Series Schaft – 7 Eisen: 5-PW, SW
  • Graphite Ladies ALDILA QUARANTA Schaft – 7 Eisen: 5-PW, SW
  • Stahl Regular KBS TOUR 80 – 6 Eisen: 5-PW


Using a revolutionary approach to iron design, our generative process compared hundreds of D9 head shapes and Power Hole layouts in the ultimate pursuit of game-improving performance. D9 irons launch higher and spin lower while delivering incredible stopping power for pinpoint accuracy. With D9, playing is believing.

Effortlessly Higher Speeds And Greater Distance

Strategically positioned, urethane-filled Power Holes enable maximum face flex for improved speeds and an expanded sweet spot you can’t miss.

Consistency Equals Confidence

Wilson’s lowest-ever center of gravity in an iron increases launch angles and delivers a steeper angle of descent for increased green-side control.

Looks The Business. Handles The Course

The game improvement features you want, concealed in a player’s iron aesthetic you’ll love.

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5-PW,SW, 5-PW